ACC-C10-5767 - HIGH TORQUE GEAR REDUCTION (1.2KW-1.61HP) 12V STARTER (MADE IN THE USA) - BEETLE 67-79 / GHIA 67-74 / BUS 67-75 / TYPE 3 67-74


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This "Made-in-the-USA" starter is the finest quality Gear/Drive-reduction starter available. This unit is design to fit all 12 volt (130 tooth flywheels) Type-1 Beetle style transmissions. With 1.2KW or 1.61HP and 4.4 Gear reduction, this Gear Drive starter provides reliable fast starts in all conditions for engines up to 11:1 Compression.

Available in standard or Chrome finish, and now also available with 1.4KW or 1.88HP for super fast starts and for engines with up to 14:1 Compression.

We also stock the same starters designed for the Bus / Type-2 "091" transmissions which are very popular with the off-road crowd.
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