BOS-1-237-013-044 - GENUINE BOSCH - IGNITION POINTS - AUTO-BEETLE 68-69 / BEETLE / GHIA 71-79 / BUS 71-79 / TYPE 3 68-74 / VANAGON 80-83


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Ignition points need to be replaced every 3000 miles or every time you tune-up your engine. If you find that your points are burning out quickly- replace the coil and condenser because the voltage running through the points is incorrect. Also consider up-grading to a Magfire electronic ignition module and never change or service your points again! SEE part # ACC-C10-5844. FITS: Beetle / Ghia autostick models 68 on- Beetle / Ghia standard models 71 on- Bus 71 on- Type 3 68-73- Vanagon 80-83. And the Bosch 009 mechanical advance distributor.
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