C16-113-245-LR - (311-511-245/246 311511245/246) - SPRING PLATE BUSHING SET INNER & OUTER - BEETLE 60-68/GHIA 60-68/TYPE-3 62-68 - SOLD 4 PIECE SET


Product Code: C16-113-245-LR
List Price: CAD $47.99
Our Price: CAD $33.33
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Very often when vehicles get older - they develop mysterious clucks and noises. One item which almost always gets overlooked when doing a restoration- is the torsion bar rubber bushings. After years of use- they often pound out-of-round and allow the torsion bars to clunk around inside the rear torsion housing. Don't forget to replace these inexpensive bushing the next time your plan to have your rear suspension apart for any reason.
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