C24-043-109-309-SET - 022109309 - 043109309 - GERMAN - SET OF 8 HYDRAULIC LIFTERS - 18-2000CC - BUS 78-79/VANAGON 80-91 (ALSO THE MEXICAN 1600i ENGINE WITH HYD/LIFTERS) - SOLD SET OF 8


Product Code: C24-043-109-309-SET
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March Madness:


We have found a small supply of these Genuine VW Lifter, when these are gone, that will be it.

We offer a few different versions of this hydraulic lifter, Genuine VW, Moresa Brand (OE Supplier) and a good reproduction version. We offer these different versions to guarantee we will always have lifters in stock (Sometimes these can be hard to re-stock). Also, we offer you these to meet all price points as our competition does not away tell you which brand/Quality you are getting. As always, you get what you pay for.
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