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We now offer this Excellent Quality Reproduction 34-PICT replacement carburetor. The testing has been fantastic, and we are VERY proud to bring to you, the best Carburetor on the market today....AT this incredible price.
Our Carburetor comes jetted with the following.
Main Jet - 127
Air Jet - 70
Idle Jet - 55

There has been many "Chinese Made" 34-Pict carburetors come into the market over the last few years. We have tried and tested all of them. We are very confident to offer this TOP QUALITY 34-Pict carb. All other or the no-name brands from China have proven NOT to be well made. As with everything, you get what you pay for.

How long should your 30 PLUS year old carburetor last? Your old original carb. has simply worn out. Every time you push the throttle, the throttle shaft wears against the carburetor body creating wear. After years of this, the wear between the shaft and body allows air to slip through the gap entering the engine. Your old carburetor has no way to adjust for this un-metered air, throwing the idle fuel mixture so far out of adjustment that you will never be able to get the car to idle properly once it has warmed up. The only answer? You need to buy a 100% new carburetor. Even so called rebuilt carbs do not address this problem. We stock a complete selection of Brand new Carburetors.

This is not the Mexican Brosal carburetor produced with 20 year old tooling. This a ALL NEW carburetor with ALL NEW tooling. If you hold a new Mexican Brosal carb. next to this carburetor, you will instantly see the different in quality and finish. We have tested these carburetors and they performance perfectly in all stock engine applications. This carb. will give you years of trouble free service and reliability.

For best results, we recommend that you DO NOT use a "009" mechanical advance distributor with the 34-PICT carburetor. The "009" Bosch mechanical advance distributor does not advance until the engine RPM's have increased, but the Stock (or near stock) Beetle/Ghia 1600cc engine with stock carburetor requires advance the instant the throttle peddle is pressed. With a "009", this results in a large flat spot (or hesitation) when you leave a stop sign. This is not a problem with the carburetor and CAN NOT fixed by adjusting the carburetor. For the very best results we recommend that you purchase a new Vacuum advance distributor at the same time you order you new carb. Click here to see part number VWC-043-905-205.

Special note about carburetors: ( they are non returnable! ) We sell only 100% brand-new carburetors manufactured by Cip1,Weber,Solex, Brosal,Empi and Euromax. Every carburetor we sell has been pre-tested by each manufacture and given 100% perfect condition stamp of approval. When considering the purchase of a new carburetor- please be advised that we cannot return any carburetor for any reason. Before installing a new carburetor- please insure that the fuel lines and gas tank have been thoroughly cleaning and flushed of all dirt and rust. Also - always replace all rubber fuel hoses and filters. It is your responsibility to guarantee the cleanliness of your fuel system. This is the only reason you will ever have a problem with a new carburetor.

If you need technical assistance concerning the tuning and adjustments of your new carburetor, Our tech support line is open 8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri. to assist you,
Call Toll Free: 1-800-313-3811 OR 1-604-881-7858. (Ask for Carburetor technical support).
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