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CSP Products have designed a revolutionary exhaust system for strip and street use in a two-year development period.
It is made for Type-1 engines. Until the launch of the CSP Wasp exhaust system in 2013 there wasn’t a stepped header for air-cooled Volkswagen available. Three different pipe diameters, getting larger towards the collector, optimize the volumetric efficiency. Options are a specially made megaphone, or alternatively a muffler. These are no universal parts! We calculated and designed three different megaphones and three different mufflers for the three versions of the CSP Wasp exhaust systems! Whichever option you prefer, both - the megaphone and the muffler - creating a strong suction over a wide rpm range which helps cleaning the primary pipes from exhaust gas particles. Result of our efforts: The 2276 cc test engine had a performance increase of 13.5 hp just by putting on the CSP Wasp exhaust system! But it wasn’t all about horsepower in the specification book of this exhaust system, it was also about easy assembly. As with any high-performance header you have to go without the heater channel tin, but the rest of the engine tin and the body can remain stock.

Here are the features of these headers:

· 1 - Three step header for improved volumetric efficiency

· 2 - Made out of stainless steel 1.4301 equal length tubing

· 3 - Adjustable header pipes match every engine width

· 4 - Painstakingly manufactured collector

· 5 - Lambda-socket welded to the collector

· 6 - Laser-cut flanges, CNC-ported

· 7 - for Beetles with Type 1 engine

· 8 - fits with stock engine tin

· 9 - fits without body modifications

Available in 3 sizes,

Wasp Stage 1 (up to 230 hp) – 1700-2000CC Engines
Wasp Stage 2 (220 - 290 hp) – 2000-2200CC Engines
Wasp Stage 3 (from 270 hp onwards) – 2200CC-Up Engines

Click here to view all 3 versions of this header.

Click here to view the matching Megaphone.

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