VWC-113-119-031-B - (113119031B) - COOLING FAN 35MM - ALL 1600CC BEETLE STYLE ENGINES 1971-1979 - SOLD EACH


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High performance, high reving street & race engines require a high performance cooling fan. When building a fast reving performance engine, the cooling fan is often overlooked. Stock cooling fans have been known to fly apart with the sudden increase in R.P.M. of fast reving high performance engines. When this happens, the cooling fan explodes inside the fan shroud like a grenade, destroying the cooling tin Γ» fan shroud and often the cylinder head fins. Don't get stranded, you need a welded cooling fan from Cip1.

Special note about fan width: Some suppliers state that there fans are 36.8MM or 37MM wide, while other say the fan is 35MM. All late model 1971-on cooling fan are the same size...35MM inside measurement. If you are being told that you are buying a LARGER 37MM fan, this is not true. They are just measuring the fan from the outside edge. Don't be fooled by this misleading practice. You can always trust Cip1 to give you the "straight talk"

We now offer a variety of stock and welded cooling fan to meet every need.
VWC-113-119-031-B......Aftermarket Brazilian stock fan......Fair quality
VWC-113-119-031-BHD.Aftermarket welded and balanced fan......Good quality
C15-25074........Aftermarket welded and balanced fan......Good Heavy-Duty quality

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