VWC-113-198-575-URP - (113198575U 111-198-569-U 111198569U 2500) - CARBURETOR REBUILD/REPAIR KIT FOR SOLEX 30-34 PICT CARBURETORS ALL BEETLE / GHIA 61-74 BUS 61-71 - SOLD KIT


Product Code: VWC-113-198-575-URP
List Price: CAD $34.99
Our Price: CAD $20.71
You Save CAD $14.28
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We offer a few different stock 34-Pict carburetor repair kits from different manufactures. All are good quality, but we sometimes have trouble keeping them in stock, therefore we always carry another brand so our customers can get what they need, when they need it. Click here to view all versions.

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