VWC-211-201-551-R - (211201551R) - LOCKING GAS CAP WITH KEYS - BUS 74-79 - sold each


Product Code: VWC-211-201-551-R
List Price: CAD $69.99
Our Price: CAD $40.72
You Save CAD $29.27
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This locking gas cap functions differently then most people might think. To install- just turn the key until the tabs on the back side of the cap line up- then push cap into place making sure the tabs have fit into the slots inside the filler neck. Once you are sure the cap is seated properly into position- hold the cap with one hand and turn the key with the other- the key should turn approximately 90 degrees- at which time the cap will be held in position and locked. To unlock- simply hold the cap- insert key- turn the key back to the original position and then you will be able to remove the cap. The non-locking version VWC-211-201-551-P is no longer available
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