VWC-211-611-775-C - (211611775C) - RUBBER BRAKE HOSE - REAR - 265MM - M/F ENDS - LEFT REAR BUS 68-79 - ALSO LEFT OR RIGHT REAR TYPE-3 69-74 - SOLD EACH


Product Code: VWC-211-611-775-C
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These flexable rubber brake hoses are found on the front and rear of all models of VW's. To check yours- lift your VW on jack stands- spin the wheel and have a friend step on the brakes- the wheel should stop. Then have them release the brakes and spin the wheel- if the wheel spins freely right away- the hose is working fine. If the wheel is tight- bleed the wheel cylinder and if the wheel spins freely again- then your hose is shot. Old hoses break down and collapse inward- which allows the fluid to pump out to the wheel cylinders- but when the brakes are released the fuild is held back by the collapsed hose and the brakes will not release. When overhauling your braking system- we recommend you replace all the rubber hoses. Cheap insurance for a safe vehicle. 10 7/16 inch or 265mm long with male / female ends. FITS: Bus 1968-1979 LEFT SIDE ONLY (for right side use # VWC 211-611-775-B) FITS: Type 3 1969-1973 left or right
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