VWC-211-813-161-N - (211813161N 211813163N) BEST QUALITY MADE BY AUTOCRAFT IN U.K. - BATTERY FLOOR/TRAY - LEFT - BUS 68-71 - SOLD EACH


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Auto Craft specializes in repair panels for air-cooled VW's, they manufacture hundreds of parts in house, to exacting standards of quality. The vast majority of parts are reverse engineered from NOS panels, cut from vehicles and copied to build a perfect reproduction. All of Auto Craft's panels are manufactured from the same thickness of high quality steel as the originals, and in some cases, even thicker.

Please Note: When Auto Craft began producing panels, they have always left them bare metal and coated them in oil to prevent them from corroding. Auto Craft now uses the automotive industries best choice, e-coating. E-coating is a very durable way of coating the panels while still offering a high resistance to corrosion. Auto Craft still has a large stock of parts made before they switched to E-coating, so don't be surprised if you receive some bare metal panels and some e-coated panels.
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