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Our crankshafts are made by the same factories that supply most major VW performance crankshafts.

How can we sell our crankshafts at such low prices? Because we import our cranks directly from the manufacturer. We have a variety of strokes and rod journals available in 4140 or 4340 forged chromoly steel. All crankshafts are precision machined to exact tolerances, all journals are Mirco-polished and NITRIDED for extra long lasting performance.

Our forged crankshafts are perfect for ALL high performance street and Hi-powered race car applications. These Cranks have been Race Proven.

Magna Fluxed
Shot Peened
Precision Ground
Nitrided Journal
Dynamic Balancing

Click here to view available 4340 chromoly strokes and journal sizes

Special note about where most VW performance Crankshafts are manufactured. Over the last 10 years, most Hi-performance Volkswagen Crankshafts have been made in China. China has become the premiere manufacture of most steel internal engine components. Even General Motors and Ford are using Asian/Chinese manufactures for many of their steel parts requirements. All popular VW performance cranks are coming from China. We offer our line of excellent quality (Made in China) crankshafts at very affordable pricing. 1000's of these cranks have been sold with very good feedback on quality, reliability and performance. You can spend much more for your crankshaft if you want.....but why would you when you can get great value from one of our quality made crankshafts.

There are a few special advantages to using the 78mm Chevy-journal crank with the H-beam rod combination. The Chevy journal is smaller in diameter, therefore the Chevy H-beam rod is also much small then an original style Beetle rod. This makes it much easier to drop the crank and rod combination into an Beetle engine case without grind the case for clearancing. Your case still may require minor clearancing as different castings have slightly more material. This is the easiest and fastest Stroker engine to assemble. The second feature that a 78mm stroke crank offers, is when used with any 82mm stroker style piston, the deck heights are usually very close to perfect for must street engine compression ratios without large cylinder spacers needed to set the deck height to the desired depth. Forged Chromoly Steel Magna-fluxed Shot peened Nitrided journals precision ground and mirco-polished Radiused standard/standard journals Chamfered & cross-drilled oiling holes Dynamically computer balanced Extra long 8 dowel pined Std Chevy rod journal sizes
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