VWC-111-198-479 - MAIN BRG SET 1200CC-1600CC - 1.00MM (.040'') CRANK / .50MM (.020'') CASE / STD THRUST


Product Code: VWC-111-198-479
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To determine the correct bearings required for your engine rebuild, you will need to measure your crankshaft and engine case.

If you are replacing old bearings without changing or machining your crank or case, then you will be able to measure the old bearings to determine their sizes.

If you are having the case and or crank machined, you will need to find out from the machine shop what size the crank and case have been machined too.

Finally, many old cases have had the thrust surface of the rear main bearing cut, this requires a special OVERSIZED thrust bearing. The standard size between the two flanges on the rear main is 22mm. Oversized thrust bearings are available in plus 1mm and plus 2mm. This is identified with a "OS" at the end of the part number, see chart for more information.

All measurements are in millimeters.

The standard crankshaft main journal size is 55MM. This is the bearing I.D.(inside diameter)
The standard engine case bearing saddle size is 65MM. This is the bearing O.D.(outside diameter)
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