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*Please Note: Automatic Discounts DO NOT Apply to Zero Mile Engines. No refunds once order has been placed.

We now offer a complete line of 100% brand new crate engines complete with 6 month warranty!

Our Super series engines have been formulated by our tech team, with over 30 years experience, to give the ultimate in Reliability and Torque. These engines are suited to the enthusiast who wants to spend their money wisely on an engine and be able to enjoy it for years like a stocker. The Super series engines are not “weekend warrior” limited use engines but Proven “daily drivers” and will last as long as stock when maintained properly.

The Super 1600cc crate engine with 100% NEW parts is a perfect stock replacement engine and will deliver years of trouble free operation in 100% stock configuration. And because of the special camshaft used, when you add a performance carburetor, 1.25 rocker arms and exhaust system, you will gain as much as a 40% increase in torque and overall power.

**The Super 1914cc crate engine is what all air cooled VWs should have been shipped with!**

The Super 1914cc crate engine with 100% NEW parts including upgraded big valve 40x35MM cylinder heads and 1.25 hi-ratio rocker arms as standard equipment and is an affordable upgrade to gain as much as a 100% increase in performance over a stock engine when outfitted with dual carburetors and a performance exhaust system.

**The Super 2275 is the engine of choice for truly spirited driving!**

The Super 2275cc crate enginewith 100% NEW parts is the top of the line! This engine is very similar to the 2187cc with an upgraded Forged Chromoly 82mm stroker crankshaft.Because the 2275 includes the stroker version 94mm pistons, with the relocated wrist pins, the 2275 is the same width as a 1600 stock engine which makes it fit well in most engine bays. Add at set of dual 44mm IDF or HPMX carburetors and a performance exhaust and you'll have a great everyday engine with big torque and power. Works well with a freeway flyer transaxle for truly cool running hwy cruising speeds.
All engines include the following:
New genuine AS41 vw case
69MM Cast Steel Crank (unless you choose an upgraded engine)
4340 forged I beam connecting rods
85.5mm piston/cylinder set (unless you choose an upgraded engine)
GMB - Special camshaft
lightweight lifters/followers
Chromoly gland nut with washer
Flywheel seal
Oem gasket kit
26mm oil pump – schadeck
Std - std main bearing set
Std rod bearings
Std cam bearings
Steel pushrods
Complete hardware/nuts/washers etc.kit
New dual port heads 35.5X33 (unless you choose an upgraded engine)
8mm chromoly head stud kit
Crank gear assembly
Main bearing dowel pin
OEM pushrod tubes coated
End play shims (set of 4 )
12volt 200mm f/w-8 dowled forged 12.5lbs
Cool tin cylinder deflectors
1.1 chromoly rocker arm assembly set (unless you choose an upgraded engine)
Oem adjustment Screws
Lash Caps
New doghouse oil cooler
Stainless Steel valve covers
Oil drain plate
Oil pump cover 8mm
Denso 14mm X 3/4 in. reach
Oil pressure sending switch
(The 1914/2187/2275CC engines come drilled and tapped for full-flow oiling)

Special warranty notes: We offer a 6 month or 6000 mile limited warranty on the VWC-113-100-031-DCE Zero mile 100% NEW engine when installed by a licensed experienced VW mechanic (Proof of professional installation is required before any warranty work can be approved). This warranty does not cover any third party expenses - such as installation charges - storage - towing - lodging - or shipping expense. We have sold over 300 of these engines and have only had 2 small warranty issues which were cleared up within a few days. In the very unlikely event that you have a warranty problem - please contact our returns / warranty manager at once so we can resolve any problem as quickly as possible. Installation instructions are not included, as it is assumed that the person installing this engine will be a trained and experienced professional. If you plan to install this engine yourself, we recommend you purchase a Bentley official service manual (SEE PART NUMBER ACC-C10-9652) . This is the best repair manual available and will give you detailed instructions to install this engine. Please keep in mind, that if you install this engine yourself, the guarantee will be void. We cannot guarantee the quality of the installation and set up of the engine, therefore we cannot extend a guarantee on any engine not installed by a license mechanic.


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