VWC-211-905-811 - 211905811C - 98-2051-B - IGNITION SWITCH WITH KEYS (FROM CHASSIS # 20-117903) - BUS 55-67 - SOLD EACH


Product Code: VWC-211-905-811
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It very is easy to check the ignition switch- the red main power wire which connects to the number 30 should have power to it at all times. (that is if your battery is hooked up) The number 15 connection feeds the fuse box and power to the coil on the engine along with any other accessories (the power is turned on to #15 when the key is turned to the first position). The final terminal is number 50 which the red or red & black wire connects . This terminal is the starting position and is powered up when you turn the key to the final far right position to start the engine. With a simple testing light connected to ground- first check to see if you have power to #30- then check and see if power is at #15 when the key is in the on position- and lastly check to see if power is at the #50 terminal when the key is at the start position. If the power does not go across the switch- then your switch is shotand it's time to replace it! FITS ALL 1950 to 1967 BUS / VAN / TYPE 2
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