C13-47-0670 - EMPI - EPC-32/36 2-BARREL PROGRESSIVE CARB KIT - 17-2000CC BUS 72-79 / VANAGON 80-83 - SOLD KIT


Product Code: C13-47-0670
List Price: CAD $879.99
Our Price: CAD $750.39
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The all new EMPI EPC-32/36 2-barrel carb kits are hard to beat for performance and quality. We stock the right kit for your VW engine. This 2 barrel progressive carb kit includes a new EMPI carb, the complete manifold, chrome air cleaner, fuel line and gaskets.
80-83 Vanagons owners must also use air cleaner part # ACC-C10-5656, which provides proper clearance for the top of the engine compartment.
*note: for best results, you should buy a copy of the tech guide part # ACC-C10-9696, this guide has detailed tuning and jetting information.
Special note about carburetors: They are non returnable! We sell only 100% brand-new carburetors manufactured by EMPI-Solex-Weber and Brosal. Every carburetor we sell has been pre-tested by each manufacture and given 100% perfect condition stamp of approval. When considering the purchase of a new carburetor- please be advised that we cannot return any carburetor for any reason. Before installing a new carburetor- please insure that the fuel lines and gas tank have been thoroughly cleaning and flushed of all dirt- rust and debris. Also - always replace all rubber fuel hoses and filters. It is your responsibility to guarantee the cleanliness of your fuel system. This is the only reason you will ever have a problem with a new carburetor. If you need technical assistance concerning the tuning and adjustments of your new carburetor- our tech support line is open 8:00am-6:00pm Mon-Fri. to assist you- 1-604-881-7858. ( ask for tech support )

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